Life’s purpose, Totems and Biological Movement 19-23 January 2020

Immerse yourself (4 days) in the fascinating world of psychobiology, cognitive neuroscience and the oldest shamanic traditions related to animals as allies to regain power and personal purpose.

The retreat will be held in Finca Exótica (Peninsula de osa) the perfect place to unplug from the world and reconnect with yourself.

Retreat Language: English & Spanish

Let’s talk about purpose, what is it and why do we seek it?

The concept of purpose, although it seems abstract, is at the very heart of life, the imagination and desire of humanity and has been developed and analyzed by entities such as the World Health Organization (WHO), who affirm that people who have a better sense of self-worth tend not only to feel better and more adapted in their environments, but to live longer, be happier, have less stress and greater ability to overcome all kinds of traumas and problems.

In Tuuls we have found that the purpose from the biological perspective is the capacity of an organism or being to fulfill a role for which it has been designed, in this case, the design has been made by nature through evolution.

How does knowing our purpose help us humans?

Because when we perform in that which we are good at and where we feel we serve naturally and spontaneously, our brain functions best and enters what has been called the flow zone, that is, the zone of creativity, mindfulness, development of maximum potential and presence in the here and now.

How does Tuuls help me find my purpose?

Based on studies and research we have done in Tuuls and validated by information from the latest discoveries in neuroscience and human evolution, we know that the purpose explained from the functioning of your brain, is simply the way you choose to take information from the environment and with that information make decisions, behave and feel in a particular way facing the challenges of life. It is as if you had a filter and our test IMPRONTA VITAL, shows your brain composed of these filters or tendencies to perceive the world and process information. We have called these filters as animals or biological programs that represent certain characteristics that you may or may not have.

What about animals and power?

Ancient traditions tell us how all human beings can be helped at some point in our lives, when we go through some difficulty, by a power animal or totem, which is nothing more than the information we are needing in the form of a biological program and which is hidden in our DNA as a potential for transformation and maximum development.

That is, an animal represents that which we have to learn, such as, for example, the power of presence with the bear, the sharp intelligence of the jaguar or the ability to see where others do not see like the falcon.

What you’ll get with this program

1- From this program you will be able to know where, when and how you work in your best and worst moments.

2- You will understand who can be your allies and your natural family, which is not necessarily your biological family, but all those people with whom you organically complement and create support networks.

3- You will know which are the environments in which you have all the opportunities to excel and in which by your personal characteristics you can fail because they are simply not for you.

4. You will learn to recognize what serves you by greatly increasing your chances to make decisions safely and confidently.

5- You will recognize a before and an after in the perception that you have of yourself, now with greater enjoyment and less guilt or judgement for your particular way of being and feeling.

6- You will experience a renewed feeling of freedom and confidence because our system is based on biological and evolutionary compressions that are closely related to a spiritual and ecological sense of life on the planet.

7- Our clients, without exception, say that there is a before and an after of this program basically because knowing who you are and where you can develop in the best way is knowing how to live in this world full of challenges.

The programme (general contents)

– Your Vital imprint: The specific way your brain processes information and how it positively and/or negatively affects your life.

Personal Purpose as Medicine: to personally heal and heal our environment.

The Power Animal from the three levels of understanding and work: shamanism, psychology and neuroscience.

Mind maps: What they consist of, how they work and how to understand our life from them.

Biology, neuroscience and shamanism.

The body as the place of integration through the understanding and practice of biological movement.

– Tribal dance and power animal ceremony.

– Yoga, movement and more. 

-Art Therapy and Shamanism.


All those people who are seeking clarity about their purpose and want to know themselves better, how they function best and what their role is within their communities. Also for those who want to develop, improve and/or find new tools and answers that allow a profound change in their own lives. It is also useful for renewing and deepening compressions on the increasingly narrow intersection between neuroscience, evolution and ancestral traditions.


19- 23 January 2020

Lodging : Finca Exótica Check it out here!

The cost includes all meals: 

Tiki tienda: 1220.00 USD + 13% taxes

Private cabin: 1450.00 USD 13% taxes

Shared cabin: 1380.00 USD 13% taxes

Space is reserved with 50% of the value on the next account or contact us to pay through Paypal or credit card to [email protected]

For more information on how to get here write to us to [email protected] or directly with Finca Exótica.


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Once you have deposited the partial or total value of the workshop, you must send an email to [email protected] with a photo of the consignment. You will then be sent a link to take the VITAL IMPRINT test, which is the basis for understanding your brain preference system and participating in the workshop experience.


Meet Claudia:

Claudia Botero is a professional Plastic Artist and Collegiate Psychologist in Costa Rica and Colombia, who has dedicated her work in the area of health and artistic production, integrating these two professions under the paradigm of emotional intelligence and the integration of information using both cerebral hemispheres; that is, working the order, the structure and the rationality of the world, with the conscious and responsible accompaniment of the intuitive, perceptive and emotional system of people.

In the field of alternative practices for the health and integral well being of the human being, she is a Reiki teacher of the Usui tradition, student and initiated in traditional Chinese medicine and also, she has made the initiation in the tradition of the Qéro of the Andean mountain, who propose that the person who heals the world is the one who develops himself with integrity, beauty and harmony in the world that surrounds him.

Claudia also completed a Masters in Psychobiology and Neurosciences with the Autonomous University of Barcelona, with the fundamental objective of deepening the understanding of human biological processes and the impact of the mind, thoughts, imagination, the development of health, optimal well-being and joy of living.

Meet Susana:

Industrial Designer, with a master’s degree in Branding & Communications from the Instituto Europeo di Design (Milano). Her experience working with different international projects and her passion for personal growth and nature led her to create her own company in the area of human talent development. Her passion, which she develops through her entrepreneurship, is to help others find their purpose using nature as a source of inspiration. het work integrates areas such as communication, biology, neuroscience and psychology: developing an e-learning platform to find life purpose where the core values are social impact, and innovation.

Hora de inicio

4:00 pm

enero 19, 2020

Tiempo de finalización

6:00 pm

enero 23, 2020


San Jose, Costa Rica

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